The OpenBSD Patch Packager project - Hosted at sourceforge.

The Problem:
One thing that many sites don't like about OpenBSD is how core OS patches are provided, these are only provided as source code that must be compiled and moved into place on production servers. For people managing a number of production servers this is not desireable. This makes it hard ( but not impossible ) to know what has been installed where and hard to remove these patches later on.

Proposed Solution:
Build OpenBSD patches as native packages. Installing patches should be as simple as 'pkg_add patch.tgz' and removing them should be as simple as 'pkg_delete patch.tgz'. This project aims to produce the software to produce the patches ( but not the patches themselves. )

Project Aims:
1. Produce the software to assist in making these patch packages.
2. Produce software that is as easy to use as possible.
3. Produce software that is as easy to understand, and maintain as possible.
4. Depend on nothing outside the OpenBSD base system.
5. Don't automate things that can't be safely automated. For example it's still open to question if downloading the patches from is a sensible approach, what if the format of that page or the patches changes?

All software, documentation, theme songs, and everything else involved will be licenced under the OpenBSD licence as detailed here.

If you want to help, have comments, or complaints please email unixtastic at
If you want to get involved, and have some knowledge of OpenBSD, I'd be happy to add you as a project admin. Logo